My Goals for the Party

The Utah County Republican Party does many things very well. There are some areas that need improvement and action to improve these opportunity areas is welcomed and necessary to bring our Party into a new era of goodwill and electoral success.

My goals for the Party are simple, practical, and will bring results.

1. Operations. The Steering Committee should adopt standing rules to empower the various officers to commit to Education and Public Relations, with the aim of bringing awareness of the basics of Party operation and the avenues for Public participation to the general public.

2. Fundraising. This area requires a multi-pronged approach. Public relations have suffered in recent years, contributing to the decline of donor support. Action to improve internal relations, and raise public opinion will ultimately translate into renewed activity amongst donors. Training of auxiliary officers at all levels in collecting donations of all amounts will greatly contribute to the level of grassroots support of the party. Implementing cutting-edge technology to expand the ability to electronically gather contributions will substantially increase these smaller contributions which are a significant source of party income.

3. Transparency. The continuing efforts to streamline the general website need the full support of the Party. In addition to these goals, I propose the creation of an easy to read and understand statement that outlines Party financials: Bank balance, comparable numbers against other years, expenditures, and projections. The Treasurers report presented at each quarterly meeting should be circulated to Central Committee members in the days leading up to the meeting, giving them time to review the information and be better prepared for the meeting and official report.

By accomplishing these goals and polishing our processes we can reach the next level of effectiveness in our operations. A leaner, meaner, well-funded Party will be able to achieve unmatched results in advancing virtuous, quality candidates to the ballot, supporting the next generation of Republicans, and participating in community outreach and advocacy at levels only dreamed of in the past. It will not always be easy, but working together we can achieve these goals and improve our Party for ourselves and the community.  

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