Representation you can rely on

The eleventh hour draws near. By now you have been deluged in information, ads, links, video conferences, articles, emails, text messages and social media posts. There are many important decisions that we are coming together to make, under unusual and unique circumstances.

For my part, I am seeking your vote to represent you at the Republican National Convention, and also as a Presidential Elector.

I do not offer myself as a rubber stamp that blindly supports the every idea and policy of one individual. Our republic is stronger when we can work together to discover the best ideas. Therefore, I offer myself as a proponent of the ideals espoused in our platform. I will seek to promote policies that will help us build a stronger party, and ultimately, to strengthen our Nation.

In my precinct caucus meeting in 2016 I was asked what my thoughts were concerning then-candidate Donald J. Trump. I had begun vetting him, had read some of his books, and followed his career. I answered that I believed he had awesome potential to do great things for our country. At that point, Like many Utahns, I also had reservations. I am pleased to have found that my initial feelings that President Trump would be an outstanding performer for our Country were more than justified. He has proven himself a canny leader who has guided the United States back to prosperity. He has certainly earned the continued support of Republicans nationwide.

There remain many areas of opportunity to make the USA greater. Working together, we can help to shape policy, guide our elected leaders, and Keep America Great!

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