About Brandon


I am a principled conservative who will always defer to the Constitution. I believe the Republican Party is the last best hope for preserving our republic. It’s time we realize our potential by becoming the strong, energetic, and financially healthy organization that is necessary to recruit Virtuous candidates and defend Liberty.


I will work tirelessly to achieve these goals, and to execute assigned duties to the best of my abilities, and to invest all the time and energy that may be required to reach them.


I have worked in the Auto Parts business for over 20 years. In that time I have overseen day to day operations for three different companies, including two multi-billion dollar per year ventures. The locations I managed all did annual revenues of 1-2 million +. I was responsible for leading the team, creating goals, following the budget, and reviewing and reacting to reports such as P&L, comparable sales, and shrink. I was responsible for ensuring the store complied with best practices and remained audit compliant.

I have served actively in the Republican Party for years, as a County and State Delegate, Precinct Vice-Chair and Chair, Legislative District Chair, and on the Constitution and Bylaws Committee at both the County and State level, and as a representative on the State Central Committee.

I believe it is critical for our leaders to attend all scheduled meetings, and that is a standard I have worked hard to hold myself to. The few times that I have been forced to miss a meeting I ensured that a proper representative attended in my place as a proxy.